The Best Orthopedic Doctor in Bangalore

Dr. Sushal Shanthakumar( MBBS, MS Orthopedics, F.AGA, F.ISAKOS) is one of the top leading orthopedic doctor in Bangalore who is specialized in Knee & Shoulder Surgeries  with expertise in the field of sports medicine. I help patients suffering with knee, shoulder and sports injuries recover and rehabilitate. For this I use a multidisciplinary approach, with conservative medical management , physiotherapy and surgery as determined necessary on a case-to- case basis. My special skills lie in knee and shoulder arthroscopy as I prefer as minimally invasive an intervention as can be allowed for in majority of patients. 

Which is the best orthopedic clinic in Bangalore?

Get your Orthopedic, Shoulder, Trauma, Knee, treatment done through the safe hands of DR Sushal Shanthakumar ( One of the best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore) with our superior facilities to the patients at praxis orthocare (One of the best orthopedic clinic in Bangalore). Our team of doctors adopts a unique technique which has evolved out of vast expertise. They keep themselves busy in doing research and advanced education to come up with the new technologies in the orthopedic field. So that the patient feels relaxed even after the post-surgery.

The type of treatment done with the attention and the result of the orthopedic treatment is truly imperative to be the best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore. You will find the good and experienced doctors in the praxis Orthocare. If you consult with the experienced orthopedician the amount of result can be recovered soon as possible, As they will have in depth knowledge into this field. There are well-experienced doctors in praxis ortho care. 

As orthopedic problems require urgent/ emergency care. When this type of question arises of cost, best hospital and medical insurance, You should be ready for the costs involved for consulting the best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore. Most of the orthopedic doctors have a fixed consultant fee and the price will mainly depend upon the type of treatment which is required. For example- A sprained ankle is much cheaper to deal with than an ACL tear. Remember that each and every orthopedic problem require emergency care or a fast treatment which can be done at the praxis Orthocare who have the best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore and shoulder surgeon in Bangalore.

We Offer Various Specialization Arenas, Which Includes: 

Shoulder joint replacement

ACL Surgery/ Reconstruction

ACL Surgery bangalore

Arthroscopic knee surgery


Revision joint replacement


The best Orthopedic doctor in Bangalore at praxis Orthocare has well experienced in the following orthopedic areas: Shoulder arthroscopy, Total knee replacement, Complex hand surgery, Knee arthroscopy, brachial plexus surgery, ACL surgery, ACL reconstruction, Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction to name a few areas. Though some of these procedures are very highly complicated by which they are performed with the great and expertise skills on a routine basis by the doctors at this center.

Why Praxis Orthocare?

At Praxis Orthocare, which is located in Bangalore. Many patients here come from various places, cities of India, as well as abroad to go with simple treatments as well as most complex treatments. Praxis Orthocare provides the state of act care for the Joint replacement, Shoulder replacement, Orthopedic surgeries, knee replacement as well as musculoskeletal injury & diseases.

We have the team of best orthopedic doctors in Bangalore who have well experienced and can guide you with their experienced knowledge. We are growing by keeping the vision to provide good hospitality services to our patients who come from various places, cities, etc. Each and every patient here at praxis Ortho care is provided with the good utmost, compassionate care, warmth, and the courtesy which you can see from our testimonials from the various patients after getting far from praxis Orthocare.